Michelle Reed

(214) 223-1127


Call or email to discuss your project needs, budget and goals. You will then be given a comprehensive and reasonable pricing proposal. The best way to get a quick estimate is to have a reference video to compare to (e.g. “How much would something like this cost?”).

Before receiving a quote, here are a few basic questions to answer:

  1.     What is the video about?

  2.     Where will the production be held and what exactly will be shot?

  3.     Do you want help with the creative development of the video?

  4.     Does this project require any motion graphics?

  5.     What format do you want the final video (e.g. DVD, online, etc.)?

•     Is there a proposed date for the production?

•     What is the deadline for the final edited piece?

  1.      What is the budget for this project?

Contact Information

Contact: Michelle Reed (214) 223-1127

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