Each new production begins with a meeting to discuss the client’s needs and desires for their video project. The logistics, pricing and timeline will be laid out clearly and then approved by the client. A production day begins with meeting at the venue of choice and setting up the camera/gear. The crew is always on time, professional, and accommodating. Michelle, the director, will be on-site instructing the talent and keeping the production on schedule. All footage will be captured with care and creativity. We understand the importance of flexibility, creativity, responsiveness, budgets and timelines, and strive to go beyond the expectations of our clients.




Editing is done with care and precision and includes a 3-stage review process:

1. Rough cut 2. Client revisions 3. Final Approval. Motion graphics (if requested) will also be subject to a 3-stage review process to ensure the client’s utmost satisfaction. The turn-around time on editing will be based on the project specifications and deadlines, as laid out in the beginning, and as such, may vary with each project. An HD digital copy of final video will be provided to client on preferred media (Dropbox, FTP, web upload, hard drive, DVD, etc.).

DJI Osmo Stabilized Camera

Canon T5i DSLR

Canon T3i DSLR

Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens

Canon 28mm f/1.8 lens

Tonkina 11-16mm lens

Konova Slider

5 tripods

3 LED lights

2 Tascam audio recorders

2 Lavaliere microphone

Teleprompter (with iPad)

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Contact: Michelle Reed (214) 223-1127